Before the Meet – Setting up the Meet Sheet

The score sheets from both teams with the lineup need to be combined, copied and distributed to the scorers, coaches and officials. This can be done by the team coordinator or scorer.

1.      Before the meet starts, get the box of supplies for the scoring table.

2.      Get the meet sheet from both coaches.

3.      Using scissors and tape, combine the two score sheets together lining up each event. Extra heats may, but do not have to, be combined. Put an “*” next to each event with an extra heat.

4.      Make a master copy page by page. Then run the master copy thru the copier to collate and staple 10 copies. (2 for scorers, 1 for Colorado operator, 4 for officials and 3-4 for coaches)



Recording the Scores

  1. Take the Lane Cards, timing system printout and any DQ slips from the Timing Judge.
  2. Use the times on the printout from the timing system. These are the official times. Watch times are averaged only when the timing system is not used, for example, sometimes the 8 & unders.
  3. For each lane,

·                Record the time

·                Record the place (Only needed for first heats)

·                Award the points. (Only needed for first heats. Not needed for 8 & Unders in the winter)

·                Notify the Timing Judge if you think there may be an error in the official time or place.

·                Tally the running total.

  1. Staple the Lane Cards to the printout. Then pass it to the ribbon writer (summer league only)



Awarding Points

·         Points are awarded to 8 & Unders in the summer league but not in the winter.

·         Points are awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to the first heat only as follows:


Individual Events

Relays (Winter)

Relays (Summer)

1st place – 5 points

2nd  place – 3 points

3rd  place – 1 point

1st place – 7 points


1st place – 7 points

2nd  place – 4 points

3rd  place – 2 points


·         If the same team gets 1st, 2nd and 3rd in an individual event, the 3rd place swimmer receives no points and the 4th place swimmer on the other team (if there is one and they did not get DQ’d) gets 1 point. Ribbons (summer league only) are awarded to the first three places.

·         In the winter, once a team reaches 105 points, that team no longer receives any more points. The other team receives all remaining points earned. In the summer league, a team continues to receive the points they earn even after they reach 105 points and have won the meet.




At the End of the Meet

  • Get both coaches, Referee and both Stroke and Turn judges to sign both meet sheets
  • Get the relay splits from the Colorado Operator. Record the lead off split for the 200 yard relays.
  • Each scorer should give their meet sheet to their respective coaches. (and publicity if asked)
  • Collect the supplies and put away the scoring supply box
  • Stack race results with lane cards in the lateral file (second to last drawer) next to the girl’s locker room (Hillsborough) or the cabinet in the party room (Bridgewater).





At the end of the meet, verify that your score sheet is complete:


  1. All Swimmers (from both teams) should have a time.


  1. All swimmers (from both teams) should have a place.


  1. Extra heats should be marked with an “*”, asterisk on the front pages.


  1. Scoring stops at 105 for the winter – then all points are given to the other team.


  1. Relays should have splits handwritten for the 1st swimmer as this is a legal time. Try to submit the printout of the relays splits with the results.