Parent Volunteer Jobs to Run Dual Meets

The following is a list of responsibilities that relate to timing and scoring a dual meet using the Colorado Timing System with touch pads and scoreboard. Click on the job title for more detail.

Dual Meet Team CoordinatorBefore the meet, combines the meet line-up from both the teams and gets copies to pass out to the scorers, officials and coaches. Hands out the watches to the timers. Sets up 6 clipboards with lane cards. The clipboards have the order of events for the days meet.

Timers – There are 2 timers per lane.

    • One timer operates the button and a stopwatch. The button operator should focus on getting an accurate button time because the button is the backup time to the pad time. The watch times are only used if the timing system fails.
    • The second timer uses a stopwatch. They also record the swimmers name at the start of the race and the times from the two stop watches at the end of the race. The runner collects the lane cards from the timer after each heat
    • Both timers use stopwatches and buttons for the 8&Under 25 yd events. One timer still records the swimmer’s name and times on the lane card.
    • For relays timers must make sure each of the first 3 swimmers get out of the pool right away so they don’t arm the touch pad for the next leg.

Referee – (home meets only) meets with the timers and officials before the meet starts. For the timers the referee:

    • Explains the watch and button procedures to the timers before the meet starts.
      • The button should be pressed not flicked
      • Both buttons must be used at the 25-yard end or the time will not record
    • Makes sure the scoreboard from the previous race has been cleared before starting a new race.

Starter – Responsible for giving swimmers a fair start. The starter uses the starting system to start the race. The starting system automatically starts the timing system. This position requires certification (see the officials page).

Finish Judge – Records the order of finish for each race. Only first heats are judged.

Stroke and Turn Official – Determines if the swimmers correctly executes the stroke and turns for the race. Fills out a DQ form for incorrect swims and hands it to the Timing Judge.

Equipment – (home meets only) Sets up the touch pads, buttons and starting system. Helps the Timing System Operator set up the timing system. Also, sets up the tables and chairs for the scoring table.

Colorado Operator– (home meets only) Sets up and operates the Colorado Timing System. Saves and prints the results of each race (e.g. each heat is considered a race). Click here to download the pdf file with the complete description on Timing and Scoring a Dual Meet using the Colorado Timing System. (note: Adobe Reader Required)

Averager---(home meets only) When no timing system and only 2 timers per lane, the averager with the help of a calculator averages the 2 watch times to come up with an official time.

Timing Judge – (home meets only) Positioned next to the Colorado Operator. Reviews the printed results of the race (heat). Reviews electronic pad and button times for discrepancies. Records the pad time on the lane card, organizes the lane cards and passes them to the scorer. If the pad time and button time are not within .3 secs, the printout will indicate a descrepency. The Timing Judge will then determine, based on the watch times, if the backup button time should be used instead of the pad time. If the swimmer is DQ'd, the Timing Judge marks DQ on the lane card and does not record the time.

Scorer – records the official time on the score sheet and keeps a running total of the score. Compares score with scorer from opposite team for accuracy.

Ribbon Writer (summer short course team only) takes the lane cards from the scrorer and prepares the ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Runner – (home meets only) collects the lane cards and the order of finish sheets from the finish judge at the end of each race. Puts the lane cards in order by time. Hands the lane cards to the Timing Judge.

8 & U Marshal – Takes the 8 and under swimmers to the starting blocks for their race. Before the meet, help the 8 & unders find their event and optionally write the event # on their hand so they know when to line up.