Dual Meet Team Coordinator

A Few Days Before the Meet

Send a reminder email to those scheduled to work at the upcoming meet.

Before the Meet

Prepare the Meet Sheets (Home Meets Only)

  • Before the meet starts, get the box of supplies for the scoring table.
  • Get the score sheet from both coaches.
  • Using scissors and tape, combine the two score sheets together lining up each event. Extra heats may but do not have to be combined. Put an “*” next to each event with an extra heat.
  • Make a master copy page by page. Then run the master copy thru the copier to collate and staple 10 copies. (2 for scorers, 1 for Colorado operator, 4 for officials and 3-4 for coaches)

Watches and Clipboards

  • At a home meet, get the clipboards ready for the timers and officials with pencils, lane cards and DQ sheets.
  • Hand out watches to our timers.
  • Check that all volunteers have arrived and know what to do.
  • For an away meet, bring the watches for our timers.

During the Meet

  1. Handle any problems concerning the timers, runners and scorers.
  2. Assist the referee as needed.

At the End of the Meet

  1. Collect the watches and clip boards from the timers.
  2. Put the watches and clip boards away.
  3. Make sure the coaches and officials sign the score sheet
  4. Stack race results with lane cards in the lateral file (second to last drawer) next to the girl’s locker room (Hillsborough) or the cabinet in the party room (Bridgewater).