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Swim Meets The Hillsborough Hurricanes are members of the NJ Swimming and Diving Conference along with other teams in central New Jersey. Within the conference, the following types of meets are organized: Dual Meets, League Championships, Conference Championships and Invitational Meets. Click here to read more...
Parent Volunteers

Many volunteers are needed to run a quality competition for the swimmers. We need each family to volunteer at least two or three times during the season. Assignments are made based on your job preference and availability.

The parent work assignments will be posted on the bulletin board and on the website about a week before the first meet. Our goal is to provide a fun and well organize competition for the swimmers that they work so hard for. If you are scheduled to work and have a conflict, please trade with another parent so all are positions are covered. A roster with contact information was put in all the folders. The jobs needed for the summer are listed below. More detail is available on the website.


Officials are needed to help run the dual meets and the championship meets. In the summer the only training required is the two-hour official’s clinic run by the NJ Swimming and Diving Conference.

The summer is a great time to get started on officiating. We encourage as many parents as possible to attend the officials training even if it’s just to get a better understanding of the rules (the rules listed in the back of this packet are basically what you need to know). For first time officials, you will have the opportunity to walk your first meet with a more experienced official.

Basic Swimming Rules To read some of the basic swimming rules for swimming, click here...
Colorado Timing System At home meets we run the elctronic timing system to record the swimmers times. Buttons connected to the timing system and hand watches are used for backup. The timing system requires some training (mostly on-the-job) and interested volunteers that can commit to most home meets are always wanted. See the manual for Timing and Scoring a Dual Meet for more information.
Food Sales at Dual Meets At home meets the parents sell food as a fundraiser. Pizza will be ordered and sold by the slice. We also want to sell cans of soda and baked goods. There will be a sign-up sheet posted on the bulletin board for soda and baked goods donations. Proceeds from the food sales go towards the team picnic. A parent volunteer is needed to coordinate the food sales.
Ice Cream Socials After each home meet there is an ice cream social for the team, family and friends held at the Y. Donations are accepted to help cover the cost. A parent volunteer is needed to coordinate the ice cream socials.
Team Picnic An end of the season a picnic is held for all the swimmers and their friends and family. The summer team picnic is self-funded. Profits for the summer food sales help to offset the cost. The picnic is organized by a picnic committee made up of parent volunteers. Please consider helping out as a picnic committee member.

The Hillsborough Hurricanes is quite a large team and it takes a group of parents to coordinate the activities for the team. We are always looking for more parents to take on these leadership roles for continued success of our team. If you are interested in doing more for the team then just your required dual meet assignments, please contact one of the Team Reps at any time. The team coordinators for 2007 are:

Parent Rep Donna Griggs: donnagriggs@embarqmail.com
Team Coordinator  
Officials Nicole Risher: swimrisher@aol.com
Food Sales  
Ice Cream Socials  
Team Picnic  
Team Database Coach Kian: coachkian@gmail.com


SVY Swim Team Programs

The Somerset Valley YMCA offers these programs for competitive swimming:

  • SVY Short Course Team: September - March
  • SVY Long Course Team: May - July
  • Hillsborough Hurrucanes Summer Short Course Team : June - July
  • Bridgewater Blue Dolphins Summer Short Course Team : June - July

SVY offers a winter short course team (competes in a 25 yard pool) and a summer long course team (competes in a 50 meter pool) for those interested in a more intense swimming program.

Many of the Hurricane and Blue Dolphin members participate on the SVY winter short course team and some also currently participate and practice with the summer long course team.

Tryouts for the winter short course team will be held in August at Bridgewater and at Hillsborough. If you are new to the team and would like to try out, just show up at one of the try-out dates. More information about the SVY Swim Team can be found on the SVY Swim Team website at www.svynj.org.

Who Do I Ask

If you cannot find what you are looking for on the bulletin board or website, here are additional sources of information:

If your question is about: Contact

Your swimmer

Your practice group coach.
Coach Kian email: coachkian@gmail.com

Last minute meet sign-out due to illness Coach Kian: 732-675-2722
Your team fees
Parent Information Donna Griggs, donnagriggs@embarqmail.com
Meet results and Top Times Coach Kian, coachkian@gmail.com
Invitational Meets and Meet Fees Donna Griggs, donnagriggs@embarqmail.com
Website Coach Kian, coachkian@gmail.com
Dual meet volunteers Donna Griggs, donnagriggs@embarqmail.com
Officials Nicole Risher: swimrisher@aol.com
T-shirts Coach Kian, coachkian@gmail.com



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